Take Control Of Your Morning

Who else is jealous of those people who wake up perfect and morning friendly? You on the other side of reality, wake up feeling tired, disoriented and zombie-like. Well, I used to be one of those zombies too, until I took control of my mornings.

Here is how to make your morning your bitch.

Night night

Having a “perfect” morning all starts with your night.

  • Clean your room. I know I sound like your mom but seriously having a clean space not only lets you see your floor but releases stress which leads to a sounder slumber.
  • Sage/lavender have a way of relaxing the body and mind. Place some where you sleep for a little extra help calming down before drifting into your dreams.
  • Make a plan for the next day. Doesn’t have to be a lot, just reminders and notes to alleviate a frazzled day and a mind racing night.
  • Take the extra time before you go to bed to make an easier morning. It doesn’t take that long to put your bag by the door or to lay your outfit out.
  • Wind down. Do something that makes you happy and relaxes you.
  • Go to bed when you get tired. Why do we all feel the need to stay up and watch our shows? They created DVR for a reason.
  • Make your bed your sanctuary. It should be comfy, cozy and everything nice. Don’t bring technology to bed. Go to bed and actually sleep! What a concept.

Morning time

  • Get up when your alarm goes off. None of this snoozing and three-alarm business. Give yourself a little extra time for “uh oh” moments too. 15-30min usually does the trick.
  • Don’t drag your feet and fool around. Give yourself three-five minutes to stretch and become coherent. Then, get moving. You’re up. Get things done!
    • Get dressed
    • Make the bed
    • Make breakfast/coffee (Coffee and Hot lemon water are both great morning drinks to get the body moving.)
  • While you’re having your morning, beverage go over your planner and prepare for the fabulous day that is about to begin!

Oh, were you expecting more? How crazy am I… Can your night really fix your morning? Yes, I am that crazy.