Beauty Routine More Accessible

Doing your own makeup every day can be a task that we can sometimes dread, sometimes it is a time for us to pamper ourselves and it can become a task that most people take for granted. When you think about it, not everyone has the luxury to be able to do their own make up. Some people don’t have the skills, some don’t have the time or maybe they have limitations (like me) that make it a little more difficult to throw on their face and run out the door.

 I have made a video along with some helpful tips to make applying your makeup more accessible!

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A Few Tips:

  • When applying mascara, bend the tip of the brush into the shape of an L (wire brushes work best) to make a more accessible angle for application.
  • When choosing your brushes, take into consideration the length and weight. These are two things that can really change how easy it is for you to use your tools.
  • There is no rule book that says you must use this item this way. Don’t be afraid to use your brushes and other makeup tools in other ways to help you apply your makeup with ease. Example: sometimes a highlighter can double as the best eyeshadow.
  • When asking someone to help you, such as a caregiver, be specific and use examples. A great way to explain, is to show what you’re talking about by drawing it on a piece of paper or showing a picture or video (visuals always help).